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NetSoft takes pride in its location in the vibrant city of Mississauga, Canada, set on the shores of Lake Ontario. Mississauga is a diverse city, playing host to a variety of the world’s cultural groups. In fact, more than 100 languages are spoken here! Mississauga is also conveniently located: Several major cities, such as New York, Philadelphia, Hartford, Boston, and Chicago, are as little as an hour and a half away by air. Because of its beauty, rich culture, and convenient location, many Canadian immigrants have found that Mississauga is a great place to live. At NetSoft, we strive to make your stay in Mississauga a memorable experience. Visit the city’s website to learn more.


At NetSoft, we offer intensive hands-on IT programs for students looking to enhance their career prospects with up-to-date, in-demand skills. NetSoft’s staff and instructors bring 100 years of combined experience in a wide range of industries and corporate programs and are certified with a variety of industry accreditations. Our programs focus on practical education and provide the skills and knowledge students need to integrate seamlessly into professional careers.


At NetSoft, we realize the importance of a modern and innovative learning environment. Our classes are conducted in spacious labs complete with the latest technologies, high-end systems, free high-speed Internet, and access to other necessary resources like printers and scanners. Our premises also include various student spaces, such as a study room, meditation room, and kitchenette.

Homestay and Private Accommodation

We provide homestays or private accommodation for students through our service providers. A homestay allows an international student to live in a Canadian home as a member of the family. Students who live in homestays find that their English improves dramatically through conversation and daily interaction with their hosts. Homestays provide students with a safe, clean, and caring atmosphere during their time in Canada. Homestay families help students adjust to their exciting new lifestyle and introduce them to the neighbourhood and transit system. NetSoft realizes that this may be the first time students are travelling away from home and is committed to providing a safe, secure, and caring home away from home. The rates for homestays or private accommodation depend on the individual’s needs and requirements, and there is a one-time, non-refundable administration fee of $500. For more information about homestays, please visit:

Health Insurance

Everybody living in Canada must have access to medical attention in case of illness or accidents. Medical costs are very expensive in Canada and are not covered by the government for international students. For example, a hospital stay in Canada can cost more than $4,000 per day. NetSoft strongly advises all international students to have their health insurance coverage in place for the entire period of enrolment. Our Student Advisor can assist students with the process at their own expense. Upon request, NetSoft will arrange health insurance for students through its service providers. The approximate cost of health insurance is between $50 and $65 per month, and there is a one-time, non-refundable setup fee of $50.

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