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Admission Process

Follow Our Stress-Free, Seven-Step Admission Process

At NetSoft College of Technology, we know that the path to higher education can be a difficult one, and that’s why we work hard to remove barriers and provide a seamless admission process. To register for NetSoft’s programs, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Register

Complete and submit the Application Form to NetSoft’s Training Department. The Application Form may be submitted in person, via email at tr******@ne************.com, or by mail at 135 Matheson Boulevard East, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1R2.

Step 2: Provide Documentation

All applicants, full- or part-time, must meet the following admission requirements:

  1. The applicant must provide copies of two government-issued IDs. The following are acceptable forms of ID: Driver’s licence, passport, permanent resident card, or other government-issued ID with a photo.
  2. The applicant must present an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (a secondary school diploma from other Canadian provinces or the U.S.). If the secondary school diploma has been obtained outside of Canada or the U.S., the applicant must obtain their credential evaluation from one of the following recognized organizations:

The credential evaluation process takes one to eight weeks, depending on the chosen organization. The estimated cost of the evaluation is $200 or more.

c. The applicant must provide photocopied proof of their highest completed academic level (certificate, diploma, degree, or transcript). All foreign academic documents must be notarized or certified English translations.

Step 3: Complete an Assessment Exam (If Needed)

All applicants who are at least 18 years of age and do not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent must complete an approved qualifying exam. The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam is an approved qualifying exam that must be completed at NetSoft College of Technology. There are 50 questions and the duration is 12 minutes. It is designed to assess general cognitive ability in the areas of math, vocabulary, and reasoning. In combination with this exam, NetSoft will analyze your background and/or work experience to understand your academic development skills. Textbooks, class assignments, and discussions are in English, so proficiency in spoken and written English is required.

Step 4: Interview (If Needed)

A face-to-face interview or telephone interview with our Manager, Training Department and/or instructors may be required. Please contact us at (905) 812-2923 to schedule an appointment for a personal interview. During the interview, the Manager, Training Department and/or instructors will ask a series of questions as part of NetSoft’s admission process. It takes one to two hours to complete the interview, so please make sure you allot adequate time. This appointment serves two purposes: It helps you define your career choices and provides answers to any questions you may have. We will discuss your career goals and aspirations, and you will learn more about our programs, become more familiar with our facilities, and possibly get a chance to talk with NetSoft staff members and current students. We will focus on the best education solution for you.

Step 5: Finalize Financing

Financing your education is often challenging. At NetSoft, we understand this and offer various options and resources that may help. NetSoft can help students finance their education over the course of their program. The terms and conditions of financing differ from program to program. Please refer to our Financial Aid guide for more details about receiving financial aid.

Step 6: Application Review

Once we receive all your documents, transcripts, assessment exam results, and interview notes, your application will be forwarded to the Training Department, which will approve or decline the application. The Training Department treats each application carefully, evaluating all the required documentation and making every effort to be thorough, sensitive, and fair. The Training Department attempts to unite a group of students marked not only by their exceptional academic abilities but also by a variety of backgrounds, particular interests, and accomplishments. If your application is accepted, the Training Department will mail you an acceptance letter, along with helpful information about NetSoft. You will have five days to respond. If your application is denied, you will receive a written explanation.

NetSoft’s Training Department takes a minimum of seven business days after receiving all the documents to process the application and issue an acceptance letter. The response depends on the completeness and accuracy of the application forms, and whether the applicant has submitted all the requested documents and fees.

Step 7: Sign Enrolment Contract

We will assist you through the Enrolment Contract signing process. At the time of signing the Enrolment Contract, you will be required to submit your application fee (payable via a bank draft, money order, certified cheque, post-dated cheque, Visa/MasterCard/American Express, debit card, cash, and/or wire transfer).

The application process is simple!

Your first day at NetSoft is the beginning of a new era of your career. Your new career can begin within a few months — not years! Start your new career now.

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