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ISP Application Checklist

#To Apply to Study in Canada, You Must:YesNo
1.Collect the required documents for the application, including the Letter of Acceptance from NetSoft College, a financial verification letter from your bank, and a bank draft or a letter from your source of funding (it should include a six-month history of your banking activities).
2.Read the Instruction Guide (IMM 5269) and then complete the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada application form with all requirements.
3.Meet Canadian health and security requirements and complete a medical examination, if required.
4.Pay the immigration fees.
5.Apply for a study permit.
#Student Authorization — The Next StepYesNo
6.Review the study permit/Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)/visitor visa and the Letter of Introduction carefully. Contact an RCIC or RISIA official if you do not understand its content or if there are any mistakes.
Note: Citizens or permanent residents of the United States, Saint Pierre-et-Miquelon, and Greenland can apply for a study permit at any Canadian port of entry.
#Arrival in CanadaYesNo
7.Present your Letter of Introduction to the Immigration Officer.
8.Show a valid passport.
9.Show a valid study permit/Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)/visitor visa if required.
10.Show your letter of acceptance and other related documents.
11.Provide details of your place of residence.
#Health InsuranceYesNo
12.Enrol in health insurance from a licenced provider.
13.Provide health insurance details to NetSoft.
Note: International students are not insured for medical expenses by the Canadian Federal Government. NetSoft strongly suggests that you secure insurance for the duration of your stay. If you need further guidance, NetSoft can assist you in finding a health insurance provider.
#Working in Canada
International students may be allowed to work while attending NetSoft, but don’t depend on getting a job, as they may be difficult to find. You may be allowed to work if:
14.There is available work as a graduate assistant.
15.Your employment is part of a course of study.
16.There is work available on the NetSoft premises.
17.Your work fits within normal study permit/work permit restrictions.
Note: Working without a work permit may result in deportation. However, your spouse may apply for a work permit. Please contact RCIC or RISIA officials for further details.
#Fees for Immigration ServicesYesNo
18.Pay RCIC or RISIA the applicable fees to process your application.
Note: For more information, consult a RCIC or RISIA official or visit To apply for a work permit, please visit

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