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Designing, Implementing, Administering, and Supporting Microsoft Active Directory

Workshop Length

96 hours

Workshop Objectives

Designing, Implementing, Administering, and Supporting Microsoft Active Directory is a course that gives students the foundational building blocks required to manage and support Microsoft Active Directory effectively and efficiently. This course enables students to utilize the full capacity of Microsoft Active Directory and other important enterprise directory services tools.


1.Understanding Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure
2.Implementing Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services
3.Configuring Microsoft Active Directory Objects
4.Implementing Active Directory Trusts
5.Managing Operations Masters
6.Configuring Domain Name System
7.Configuring Microsoft Active Directory Sites and Replication
8.Creating and Configuring Group Policy
9.Understanding TCP/IP
10.Configuring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
11.Implementing a Maintenance Plan for Microsoft Active Directory
12.Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools

Admission Requirements

Workshop Fee

$1,295.00 + HST

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